The arrangements for accessing the Big Bear Mobile Planetarium on the day of the festival are as follows:

Due to the restrictions of space the Planetarium Dome will be set up in the Institute for Lifecourse and Society (ILAS) center, which is appx 400 meters from the Westwood Hotel. (See map below)

Shows will be held hourly from 11.00hrs to 15.00hrs on Sat. 28th Jan.
Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied children can not be admitted to the center.

Shows are free for anyone holding a festival ticket. Those not attending the festival can avail of any places which are available for €5 per head, but please note that priority will be given to festival guests in the event that a show is over-booked.

Anyone attending the festival should bring their festival tickets with them to the hourly show of their choice in order to gain free admission.
Please remember to show your festival ticket at the dome, but to retain it in order to be re-admitted to the Astrofest.

Anyone who wishes to attend the Planetarium but not attend the Astrofest should report directly to the dome at the ILAS Centre, but please remember again that all children must be accompanied by an adult, and priority will be given to festival-goers in the event of over-booking.
Shows are held on the hour, but participants will need to be there 30 minutes before each show to get a place.
Institute for Lifecourse and Society