Hi Everyone,
Best wishes to everyone for 2018, and hope you all had a pleasant Christmas.
The next talk of the season will take place in the Harbour Hotel, Galway, on Monday the 08th January at 7.30 pm. The speaker is the club chair, Brian MacGabhann, and the topic is the History of Astronomy Pt. 2 – From Newton to Now.
Some will remember that Brian gave a talk some time ago on the history of Astronomy from the Ancient Egyptians up to Isaac Newton. This talk takes up the story where the first left off, and looks at how we got from the understanding of the universe that Newton had to the complex cosmological model we now have.
The talk will consider how fundamental questions such as how big is the universe; what are the stars, and where did it all come from were answered. It will discuss some of the great discoveries of the last 300 or so years, and look at some of the great thinkers that contributed to that expansion of knowledge, including Edmund Halley, Edwin Hubble and Albert Einstein.
We look forward to your copmpany.

Regards and best wishes for 2018.