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Galway Astronomy Club are pleased to announce details of our next club meeting, which will take place at 7.30 pm on Monday the 6th November in the Menlo Park Hotel, Terryland, Galway.


Talk: “The 2006 IFAS Solar Eclipse trip”

Expect some nostalgia and some great stories as this talk brings us back to the Solar Eclipse of 2006. A very Irish story, sure to be accompanied with some great images.


Speaker: Dave Lillis (LAC)

Dave joined the Limerick Astronomy Club in 1988. He used the clubs 12″ wooden scope for years, until he got a ‘goto’ scope in 2000. He became a big Dob fan in 2006 though, and never looked back!

Dave has held various positions in LAC and is currently the clubs secretary.

Dave is mainly a visual observer but he does dabble in Planetary/Lunar and recently DSO imaging.

He has been on 3 Solar Eclipse trips (2 were successful) . He visited the Hellenic Star Party in Greece in 2008, and has been on 3 Lunar Eclipse trips.

Dave is a systems/instrumentation engineer in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry.



New members and attendees on the night are welcome. We look forward to your company. 

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