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Galway Astronomy Club are delighted to host  professor emeritus Andy Shearer (NUIG) for tonight’s Zoom talk.

Talk:‘Things that go bump in night : the Transient Universe’

Abstract : Traditionally astronomical objects change on long timescales from days to millennia.  For example the sun spot cycle is 12 years long, cepheid variables change over a few days. However small compact stars, such as white dwarfs and neutron stars can show variability  on time scales of less than a second with pulsars showing changes on times scales of less than a millisecond. Until a few years ago high time resolution astrophysics was a niche area which required specialised equipment, particularly for optical observations.

Studies of transient events have increased dramatically over the past decade. These transients can be either intrinsic to an astronomical object  such as magnetar flares or due to catastrophic events such as neutron star mergers, This increase has been due in part to new all sky surveys and in part due to to new observing capabilities such as gravitational wave detectors. This talk will give a summary of the transient universe – what does it tell us about astrophysics, cosmology and fundamental physics? In conclusion this talk will discuss the next decade of transient astrophysics.

The Zoom meeting details are as follows.

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Meeting ID: 913 5809 9315
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We hope to see you all virtually on the night!

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